Blows For Clothes – S4:E6


Jericha Jem knows that her stepdad Marcus London has the hots for her, but she's not aware how much. When he spies her trying on her clothes in her bedroom, he pulls out his stiffie and to her bod. Unbeknownst to Marcus, Jericha spies him whacking it. She tries to ask him for his credit card so that she can buy clothes, but when he denies her she steals it and spends the anyway.When Jericha returns home clothes and gets trying to return the credit card, she and her stepdad argue. He gives Jericha a spanking, which just doubles on her horniness. Dropping to her knees, she whips out his hardon and starts sucking. As she works her soft her stepdad's , she slowly takes her clothes off. Once she's , she gets on her hands and knees so Marcus can bury his in her snatch.Still on her hands and knees, Jericha moans in pleasure when Marcus pushes his into her twat. She flips onto her back to rub her while he pounds away at her. Then she climbs on top so that her full can bounce as she him like her own personal steed. On her back once again Marcus spooned behind her, Jericha explodes in ecstasy. Moments later, Marcus pulls out to cover her bare in jizz. When Jericha asks for the credit card again, he agrees.

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