Stepmom Steps In – Lucy Doll knows almost nothing about sex.


Jessa Rhodes is helping her stepdaughter prepare for her date when she discovers that Lucy knows basically nothing about sex. The young ladies have a visit about sex and penis massages and appreciate some holding when a thump on the entryway intrudes on them. Jessa leaves Lucy to prepare and lets Damon Dice in.Jessa offers to get Damon some water, yet when she drops the container she winds up on all fours with Damon next to her. He can’t resist the urge to get an eyeful of her undies underneath her miniskirt while they tidy up. Jessa exploits the circumstance, squeezing Damon’s hand to her destitute grab and afterward taking a kiss. That is the manner by which Lucy discovers them.Jessa accepts this open door to bring both Lucy and Damon higher up so she can give Lucy an active exercise to assist her with being more OK with her sexuality. Damon is glad to take an interest, particularly once he gets a brief look at Lucy’s little boobs and dim areolas underneath the adolescent’s sheer bra. Before long the couple is making out while Jessa chips away at getting her own garments off.Gently directing Lucy to remove Damon’s and afterward stroke his rooster, Jessa slowly takes a shot at getting her stepdaughter OK with a man’s penis. Her next exercise includes telling Lucy the best way to suck cockerel, an exercise that the brunette takes to very quickly. Before long Lucy is slurping endlessly at her treat, joyfully weaving her head and utilizing her hands to invigorate Damon even further.Once Lucy has aced rooster sucking and even profound throating, Jessa proceeds onward to the following exercise. She arranges Damon to set down on the bed so Lucy can drift over him and gradually work her way down onto his stiffie. When she becomes acclimated to the sentiment of Damon’s dick within her, Lucy is a voracious hurricane of siphoning hips and poor groans that can’t get enough of having her uncovered pussy pounded.Assured that Lucy will be alright all alone for a piece, Jessa chooses to get some joy of her own by mounting Damon’s face so he can eat her runway grab out. She rides in time with Lucy, driving Damon to perform twofold responsibility to keep his ladies pleased.As soon as Jessa has carried Lucy to peak, she replaces her stepdaughter on Damon’s chicken and commences a wild titty-bobbing ride. Lucy is a snappy report, advancing toward Damon’s mouth so she can appreciate having her pussy licked and sucked while keeping her mouth occupied with nursing Jessa’s ricocheting boobs.Falling onto her back, Lucy spreads her legs so Damon can go to work beating ceaselessly at her destitute twat. Since she’s had a sample of screwing she can’t get enough, and both Damon and Jessa are glad to oblige! In any event, when it’s Jessa’s chance to have Damon’s consideration indeed, the blondie is glad to give her stepdaughter the pussy licking that Lucy craves.Although Damon cherishes each snapshot of this unrehearsed experience, he can’t keep going forever. Screwing Jessa brings him right to the edge, so Lucy gets her last exercise of the day: making the most of her sweetheart’s cum. Damon has an incredible burden for his excited understudy, and when he impacts everywhere all over and Jessa’s back Lucy finds that she has a desire for it! She swallows what she can, at that point goes to work licking Jesssa’s back and Damon’s dick spotless as she enjoys the last snapshots of her first trio.

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