Pas De Deux – S1:E7


Ballerina babes Adelle and Claudia Macc intended to practice their dance routine together, but instead the lusty lovers find themselves lip-locked and horny. Claudia exacerbates the situation by peeling off first Adelle’s top and then her own, then gets on her knees to lick and suckle the raven-haired spinner’s nipples. Soon Claudia has worked her way to the ground and has taken Adelle’s clothes with her, leaving her woman naked and hanging on to the ballet bar for support. Adelle’s grip gets even tighter when Claudia presses her to Adelle’s creamy bald and puts her magic tongue to work eliciting the utmost orgasmic pleasure.Adelle isn’t to let her lover go without! With her still from its climax, she presses Claudia to the ground and then puts her hands to work and fucking Claudia’s snatch until the blonde is quaking from her own climax. Never to be outdone, Claudia ends their lovemaking by turning the tables one more time to bring Adelle to a second swift burst of pleasure that finally leaves both girls sated.

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