Alexa Grace


Alexa Grace and Jeffery. They've been a a now. So , the between them has started to fizzle. Boring. And seldom, if . Alexa Jeffrey, but she's longing to spice up her life. What she's looking for, exactly, is an anonymous, no-strings-attached . She doesn't want to know a name. Alexa doesn't want a phone number. She certainly doesn't want a dinner . Alexa Grace satisfy her desire by strolling into an adult bookstore, then discovering the “arcade”, and then entering. She's about to experience the most NSA she's had — through a in the wall. And the uncut, that comes through takes her breath away. What happens when of the condoms she uses her doesn't come to fitting the in the hole? Do I really need to tell you? The only thing bigger than the is the she chokes before walking out of the store and back to her .

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