Tiny Ballet Beauty – S3:E1


craving Jessi can't keep her off of her ballet partner Nick Ross, not that he minds! When Jessi peels her leotard to bare her and then drops to her knees, Nick eagerly whips out his for her enjoyment. Reaching out, she takes it into her hands and then wraps her soft lips around the to suck him off.Nick returns the favor by getting Jessi out of her remaining clothes and then latching on to her soft bald hole his to eat her out. Replacing his his fingers, Nick leans Jessi forward her ballet barre to slide his fingers into her needy twat, followed by his stick. It's not before Jessi is eagerly bouncing away on Nick's and him like her personal steed. Laying on her side, Jessi lifts leg to give Nick all the spooning access he needs to take her snatch and fast. He brings her to a swift climax, and moments later Jessi returns the favor. When Nick is on the edge of , Jessi helps him pull out and then strokes him off until he explodes all her flat belly to cover her in .

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