4 Bang Sex Party


Hi Boys and ! Welcome back to another installment of My World! Hee hee. If you didn't get enough of my Katie last week, just wait till you see what I have for you this week. Katie's on her way to being a – a BCS – and her training session this week features none other than the Mighty BOZ and Stallion. Remember all the dickings Stallion and Boz gave me? Well wait till you see what they do to my lil sis. Her teen gets stretched in 2 unique ways: stretched wide by Stallion's soda-can ; then stretched by Boz's 13 incher. , in disbelief, as the Thomas sisters get railed, side-by-side, by all that . What a day! Oh, and if you didn't know it already, she finally got her own site! Yipee! Go see what my lil sis is cookin' up at KatieThomas.com XOXOXOX – Spring

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