Daizy Cooper


Daziy Cooper doesn't like Sundays…cause Sunday's means football, and football means her is gone for the day with his buddies, drinking and laughing and looking at girls at the local sports bar. Daizy wants her all to herself, so she strikes a deal with him: “I'll suck and you, but no football! Stay home with me!” 's in a weak state, cause he hasn't nutted in days…and Daizy's and are SO . What's he do but make a promise…a promise he knows he can't keep! In the middle of their , the buddies arrive and interrupt the hot . Guess what? They haven't nutted in a time, so, “hunny, please my homies some love!” That's what Daizy's says, and Daizy is a little . A for . So sure, she'll go out to the patio and them all until each and every of them — including her — coat her pretty black face ! And guess what! They got it all done just in time to catch the kick off!

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