Audrey Royal


The Sheik has so much , he doesn't rent — he rents people. The Sheik also has some of the hottest in the world in his Harem. The Sheik “renting” Bulls to come to of his many homes to out his babes, and today he's offering up Audrey Royal, perhaps his hottest babe! Audrey has never “entertained” two Bulls at once, and that's something The Sheik has always wanted to witness. He makes some calls, and soon two well-hung Bulls are knocking on the Sheik's door. Once the rules are laid out, The Sheik claps twice, and in walks Audrey. She's dressed in her Bedlah, her faced covered a veil. Even though they can't see her , The Bulls know she's a piece of . “On knees and suck them!” The Sheik commands. “Yes Master!” Audrey replies…and then does exactly that. In fact, no matter what The Sheik commands, Audrey does… a smile on her . Both Bulls run a train on Audrey, before shooting their loads her . But that's not all — The Sheik has a Dumper hidden away…and if that wasn't enough, The Sheik is going to reward Audrey a sprayed all her tits. Talk about a Cuckold Session!!

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