Ella Knox


Ella used to be…let's say somewhat innocent. Well, she was dating a girl…she was , but it was just “so-so”. Nothing and crazy. She had a before but…2 pump chump didn't really WOW her. Ella was on a quest for something exciting, which led her right into the local adult store. Although she really didn't know exactly what she was looking for, this might be the place to find something exciting. She thumbed through all the videos and even looked toys, but not quite the excitement she yearned for. The clerk knew all too well this old story. Innocent girl in need of lots of . Probably seen it a hundred times…this rookie needed to jump right in…time for the Gloryhole. Once the booth, Ella found her hands in her diddling her bean. Suddenly, a comes straight at her through the in the wall. Alas!! She's found something that has piqued her interest. A 's dirty dong! Well, time to go to on it. She chokes it down both hands…sucking it like a seasoned knob gobbler. A second comes through the other hole and now her is an ice rink for some tonsil hockey! Her aching pussy needed attention too…so she slid her hole back and forth on each , until she came all them. To end this baptismal into this brave world, she begs for them to coat her face hot . Now Ella is just a good ole' fashion Cock Junky.

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