Karla Kush


Karla and her are going through a rough patch in the bedroom. She really likes him, but wants to spruce up the life. She goes to the adult store looking for help. The store clerk suggests that maybe its her fault. Maybe she's too much of a freak for her . He shows her the booth and tells her to keep an open mind. While , she gets an eye awaking she was not prepared for. A cock comes through the wall and immediately she grabs hold of it. She chokes and strokes…slurping on this like a lollipop. When this piece of meat can't get any harder from her , she slides her eager onto it…jerking it off her fuckhole. She , all over the cock, leaving her quivering satisfaction. All she wants is this strangers cum, she keeps fucking it until a is buried up her. She learned a valuable lesson today…she needs more cock!!

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