Lily Rader


Lily Rader and her are in all sorts of trouble…and about to get into more! They're broke, they're unemployed, and they need …fast! They've decided to do something “sketchy”, so they're meeting a who steals identities in order to get their crew. “It's a -collar crime,” Lily's says. “It's not like we're drug dealers! If we get , -collar criminals never go to jail! Besides, we're !” Lily her , and she's willing to do anything he says…so when he tells her to like a “ trash ” for their meeting, she does. “We don't want them to think we're cops!” Well, the crime gang is going to make sure they're not cops, and they're going to do it their way! Their way is an old- , right in a garage! Lily is afraid at . Who wouldn't be? Big, men in ski masks, their enormous hanging out of their pants! Oddly enough, this arouses Lily, especially her there to and jerk off while the gang goes ! At the end, Lily Rader, coated in cum, has proven she's no cop…and her ? Yeap, he's a cuck!

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