Maggie Green


Maggie Green manages a workforce at a corporate conglomeration you've probably heard of. When she's not busting her dealing all she has to deal , she's being sexually harassed by of her subordinate co-workers, Jay . Whenever Jay is speaking Maggie, he stares at her all-, voluptuous breasts. He often forwards e-mails that contain jokes, and the minute he discovered Maggie's personal phone number? Well…that's when the “ pics” started. Maggie's always preferred men , and today she's going to end Jay's nonsense. She's hired Bulls to remind Jay what will happen to him if the bad behavior continues. Then, Maggie sucks and the Bulls right in front of Jay, just to remind him of what a pathetic, - -dicked loser he really is. If that wasn't enough, after the Bulls have had their way Maggie, she turns Jay into the lowest of low — a “ janitor” — in order to clean the mess the Bulls left all her giant tits. “Clean up on aisle 34G!” Maggie says to a broken Jay West…who has a name now: Ja

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