Moka Mora


The Dogfart Crew is running a social club now, and it's a place to come hang. Everyone's welcome, but fair warning: you might not want to show up with girlfriend or fianc or even …cause The Bulls are going to turn you into a cuck! Just what happens when Moka Mora and her fianc, David, show up. One of the Bulls is a DJ spinning his latest tunes, so what's a gonna do but dance? This leads to the Bulls joining her on the dance floor, and sure enough, they're groping and grinding all Moka!! They don't care what David thinks…and get this: David actually thinks he's going to get in on the ! does our know, but The Bulls are going to block the cuck boi every chance they get! When the cuck finally pulls his out, Moka makes sure her fianc wraps it up with a condom! Doesn't matter though, cause David The Cuck won't get it enough for a suck…or a ! You know The Bulls got it all handled, though, and they run a train on Moka while David relinquishes any thoughts of having sex today. That's about the time The Bulls turn Moka Mora into a cum dumpster, literally draining their nuts in her womb…or all her body! And Moka is very fertile! (Moka and David have been trying to conceive for weeks now!) David may be a “” soon!!

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