Valentina Nappi


Description: Valentina Nappi and her have a problem. It's a big problem. Everyone knows Valentina is Italy…but not a lot of people know her , Juan. He hails Spain. And it looks like his in America is just about up. His paperwork is a mess, and he's even tried to bribe his way out of today's trouble…but the Immigration isn't taking Juan's bribe; however, the Immigration Officer will take Juan's bride. No joke! In his final act of desperation in order not to be deported, Juan offers up his , Valentina. But the Immigration Officer is greedy, dude! Valentina's and isn't enough!! If Juan wants to stay, he's going to have to offer up Valentina's , too! But look at Valentina! She's such a ! She doesn't even care!! She'll offer it all up to the Immigration Officer, and Valentina will even let Juan join in on the ! All of Valentina's are open, and both dudes use them all! In the end, Valentina's a sticky, jizzy mess…but at least Juan isn't being deported!!

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