Vanessa Vega


Vanessa's boyfriend fucked up…big . He cheated on this heavenly creature and now she's pissed. She's not just going to get him back for it…she's gonna do something so that he'll never think of again. The place for her to find this kind of revenge…the local store. She tells the store clerk that she's looking for something really ! Well…a Gloryhole is exactly what she needs. She immediately finds herself rubbing her to the on the monitor…waiting patiently for her surprise . When they appear, she goes to town…licking, stroking and sucking the 2 big boners until they are rock hard. She slips each one into her vengeful snatch. She grinds back and forth on both until her drips with orgasm. Then she slides each one into her virgin ass. Her boyfriend doesn't even get that hole! This sexy not only got back at her boyfriend by …but she fucked and sucked 2 guys and, if that wasn't enough, she let both of them her ass! She so hard that her titties start lactating!! To top it all off she takes one on her pretty and swallows the other one…and goes home to show her boyfriend all the damage! Not sure he's gonna be again…but she may!

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