Alysha Rylee


Our sermons have the same undertone each time: The continues to the radical race Africa. We wish there could be a time when we'd have nothing to vent about, but the devil continues his psycholigical assault against our people without a cease fire. We've added two more brothas to the crew and Alysha Rylee is going to feel the pent up frustration of 10 angry black men. Alysha went the lineup of my crew and used her milky skin to get the attention of nearly a dozen black cocks. The tide had turned in the race war(the the started long ago), the second Alysha got of many black cocks in her . The girl her seom interracial , and she proved it by sucking each and every black thug. The congregation gave this week's donation by beding Alysha over and slamming their black swords into her pussy. Alysha Rylee wanted to scream but her was constantly stuffed by any given brother who skull this bitch. Our meeting only ended when we used Alysha Rylee's as a collection plate and donated every last drop of ghetto gravy we could dish out.

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