Avi Love


Avi is embarrassed. She's shopping in an adult bookstore, which can be a embarrassing in itself; however, she's there for a specific item…an item she can't even bring herself to inquire about! Avi is a working professional, and after a long day at the office, she needs a sexual relief. And her just isn't doing the trick. Avi desires a big, black to bring home and pleasure herself. But she can't decide which ! The clerk helps out, and even goes further: “the company has sent us some samplers, and I have here!” Now Avi's really embarrassed! “And I have a some dirty movies playing! You can try it out!” The clerk leads a timid Avi through the arcade, placing her in — you guessed it — booth 5! You know there's pervs creeping all the place, and it doesn't take long for the first to appear. After Avi satisfies her new, unknown friend, and is getting dressed to leave, another pervert shows up! This fellah is gonna get Avi's , too! And wait until you see what Avi does his ! It's there's sluts in this world who are so on the “ low”. But even Avi has her limits, as you'll see when the third pervert shows up!!

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