Jessica Grabbit


Race relations are about to get a whole lot better thanks to Jessica Grabbit and her snow bunny pal. We've caught both ladies talking about the pros and cons of and black . Jessica's , Stevie Shae, the dark meat while Jessica's for knows no bounds. The friendship of these two cock-hungry sluts takes an interesting turn when Stevie informs Jessica of a secret club where black girls get a buffet of meat. Jessica, not one to shy away from a challenge, accepts the offer and she's soon face to face with over 8 feet of sausages. Stevie's there the whole way to her support as her black slurps down on 8 of the most insane rednecks this side of Alabama. Stevie's constant coaching and cheerleading brings out the inner slut in Jessica Grabbit. Jessica's is never void of a cock in this interracial sex bedlam. Jessica's fat jugs get bent over a trash can as it's open season on her black pussy. Those country boys slam their right past her Mason Dixon slit as she screams and pleads for more. This slut wouldn't be fulfilling her love for unless she allowed each one to shoot it's grits all over her face. Stevie Shae looked on as her slowly drowned in Southern sauce and she couldn't be happier for her .

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