Melody Parker


Melody Parker: she's barley-legal and, finally, Melody is on a gloryhole hunt! Today, though, Melody's ! Her eighteen-year-old hormones are on overdrive, and just look at her, scouring for Spring Thomas DVD's at an adult bookstore! Spring is Melody's hero! Melody aspires to be Spring. She knows all about gloryholes, too, and once she proves to the clerk that it's legal for Melody to be in the store, he's escorting Melody back to the arcade! Once inside, it's a bonanza! After she sucks and the first until he fills her sperm, Melody takes on the second ! And guess what? Even though she's not on birth control, the second “random” pops off in her, too! seconds is of Melody's favorite things, mainly because the course of the day, she loves feeling the leaking jizz fill up her …until it starts the inside of her thighs!!

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