Alex Coal


Alex is a door to door carpet salesperson. She knocks on Rich Gentleman Prince Yahshua's door and tells him she's got the deal of a lifetime for him he can't refuse! The world's Carpet Cleaning Machine! She asks “Wouldn't you like to see how it works?” Since she's dressed in a upscale nightclub dress he says sure and lets her in. She proceeds to pour colored liquid all his light colored carpet and then says “ how easy this machine picks up all the color. You won't even know we spilled something here” She pours the liquid and it makes a big stain, but doesn't fix the stain. Prince is visibly upset, and asks the what she will do to fix it. Alex is mortified and says “I don't understand this always works, it should have cleaned up the stain, I don't want to lose my job don't tell my , I'll do ANYTHING.” Prince says “Anything? Well maybe we can something out, maybe get on knees and take a look and let's see if we can this out.” She gets on her knees, to look at the carpet and he takes his big out and says “Lets have you on cleaning this !” starts, followed by and after the pop, he says “Well I think I can let you slide on this whole carpet thing” and then she tells him “It's OK, I don't really for a carpet company, I just had a bet my 3 girlfriends I could you before either of them could!”

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