Alexis Fawx


Alexis Fawx is happily married to a cuckold. She him much. He's an earner, and he freely gives Alexis what she desires most: big, cock. They're both much into the cuckold lifestyle. Alexis and will go as far as cooking up schemes in order to turn their fantasies into reality. Take today, for example. has hired a crew to “fix” a wiring problem with the . While we all know there's no problem, the have now landed a crew consisting of three, Black Bulls in their home. So why not send Alexis up to flirt and send a message to The Bulls? In fact, the happy couple get so , they can't hold back: Alexis has put on the condom while saying, “you know I still won't bareback a , dear!” Which is when The Bulls catch them in their always-awkward sexual activities. What else for The Bulls to do but takeover? Soon, there's nearly 36″ of “BBC” railing Alexis – both and . At point her orgasms are so intense she squirts, multiple times, all over . “But don't take that condom off!” Alexis demands. “I don't want your mess all over our !” Shortly after, the first Bull pops in her , which is for — he his treat! The next Bulls frost Alexis's ! As the old saying goes, “happy , happy life!”

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