Barbie Sins


Barbie Sins, a resident of the United Kingdom, is her way across the United States on an extended vacation, and she's looking for a guidebook to help her enjoy America to its fullest! There's only problem: the bookstore she's found on the internet doesn't appear to be the same she's standing in front of…which is weird, because she's got the right address! The issue? They closed that bookstore only a few months ago, and it's been turned into an adult bookshop! Barbie isn't a prude, so she has no issues looking about once the store's clerk has informed her of the change. Barbie can't take her off the large, dildoes, and the clerk picks up on Barbie's vibe. Soon, Barbie is checking out the store's Dogfart DVD section, and don't you know within minutes she's back in the arcade section of the store! At , Barbie's not too sure about the booth…but there's something about this dirty place that turns her on! And the dirty on the TV only makes her wet!! She starts to herself when the comes through “the ”. It's and , and it reminds Barbie she's really here to find a travel guide. It's the second that makes her really wet. It's big and and throbbing, and Barbie can't keep it out of her . Or her ! She'll that while the jerks…but hey, Barbie's enough to help the finish. Well…kinda! LOL!!!

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