Making It All Better – S18:E5


Lola Bredly has always dreamed of an affair with her boss, Willy Regal, and today she's about to get her wish. The secretary has dressed to impress, with a button shirt that can barely contain her big and a killer pencil skirt. With such a hot getup on his secretary, Willy doesn't stand a chance.Sure enough, all it takes is one hotblooded look and a sweet little touch for Willy to tilt Lola's face up for a kiss. One kiss will never do, though; it turns into oh so much more. They take their time exploring one another, with Lola running her hands up and Willy's chest before settling in to stroke him off and suck him . When it's Lola's turn for pleasure, she gets to her and lets Willy find the surprises she has hidden beneath her office attire. Her sheer demi bra slides down to pop her boobies free, while her miniskirt lifts to reveal a matching thong. Willy is finally able to kiss and touch his fill from Lola's neck all the way down to her juicy coochie.Lola wants to keep on sucking Willy off and he's happy to oblige. Pressing Lola to the chair, Willy makes himself at home between her thighs as he dives face into her incredible bosom. He gradually moves south until he settles at the heat of her passion. Dipping his head down, Willy laps at Lola's juices and then settles in for a and languorous pussy feast.Willy only stops Lola out when he gets to his and replaces his tongue with his cock. Sliding slow and deep, he locks eyes with his secretary. Lola can't stop moaning, nor can she keep her hands from roaming all over her chest to increase her pleasure even more.Hopping onto the table, Lola leans back. Willy takes his place between her legs and slams back home. Holding Lola's ankles apart, he gives it to her just the way she wants it.Getting on her knees on the chair, Lola offers herself to Willy in this position. He's quick to take her once again, palming her big and shoving himself in until he's balls deep. Getting it in hits all spots that leave Lola gasping in delight.Once Lola has sucked her girl goo from Willy's hardon, complete with a titty , she climbs into his lap to him. Her big naturals bounce and jiggle as she rides away. Willy every moment of it as his hands wander Lola's back and bottom. The lovers move to a padded chair for increased comfort. Willy takes a seat and pulls Lola onto him backwards. Fully impaled on her boss's hardon, Lola rides in reverse . Willy contributes to the motion of the ocean as he pistons up into Lola's velvet glove.The lovers finish their liaison as Lola leans forward against the desk. his secretary from behind, Willy leaves nothing on the table. He ensures that Lola has climaxed, then pulls out to let her get him off. She gets to her knees to do the deed, then aims Willy's orgasm so that he nuts all over her big boobies.

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