Taylor Wayne


Lately the 9-5 gig is draining every ounce of energy I've got. I go home nightly and rub my warm until it gets all while images of big dance around my . afternoon I finally snapped and laid on heavy flirting to Shane Diesel at his desk. I him catching peeks at my and my titties which nearly busted my top. Business soon turned to pleasure as this English got on her knees for which rivaled the girth of Big Ben. Slamming it my was getting me wetter and wetter by the moment as his meat stick its way past my tonsils and into my stomach. I tried not to make so much noise so we wouldn't get but try taking on a that size without screaming….you can't! I've never known pleasure like this since it's been too since my slit was treated to a lunch. Every he slid it in me brought me closer to the next and I was the luckiest English in the world when his flood of spunk coated my . Next I'll pay attention to the office's harrassment policy .

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