Amber Rayne


I hope my white looks enough for a gang of nothing to lose. My girlfriends introduced me to the power of and now I'm going to get served up at a Interracial buffet. Why exactly am I doing this? The race has been shit on for centuries and the humanitarian in me thinks this has to end. You can call them “Amber Rayne's Jizz Soldiers”. After hearing Tone Capone rap about his recent dealings Whitey I came in and let my do the talking. after another I sucked the most cock than I have. I'm as big an interracial as much as the next white but I got more than I bargained for this afternoon. The brood of brothas mincemeat of my once tight hole as I was bent a trash can in this vile part of town. I knew I would get a downfall of jizz but nothing got me ready for the hosing of goo I got. I still see cock everywhere I go but that might be since my retinas were completely covered it.

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