Britney Young


Why did I get into photograpy? Is it the pay? Is it the of the art? All those things factor in but the true reason is because of naive sluts. I have ads posted all the place advertising my talents. Britney found an ad and was looking for some cash to get her by the few weeks. I had some money to spare but only if she'd be willing to ball…..or my black . I've always known that cash equals and Britney had plenty of it. I told Britney that I could get her all kinds of work as I started flirting her. Britney slowly came to the dark side and the promise of fame and fortune was too for her to pass up. Britney knew her way around a cock as she unzipped my and teased my big, black cock. Britney told me she never had Sex and was nervous to deep my entire black cock. Britney's eyes looked up at me while my meat was sliding her wind pipe. I nearly came early the bomb she was dishing out. I held back long enough to slide my black pork deep in her . I felt those grea tits as I nailed her behind. I kept telling her that this would enhance her career and she bought it hook,line and sinker. That slowly spread apart as my black anaconda slithered its way towards her rib cage. Those beautiful cheeks got palmed by my hands as I went to town on that slut. The next thing was being on my back and letting her me until my balls massaged her throbbing . Britney kept my black cock until my balls exploded on her cute, face. I told Britney I'd have more work for her but I really just changed my phone number. I also promised her that the scene would never wind up on the Internet. One lie lead to another.

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