Caroline Pierce & Rilynn Rae


It's refreshing that in 2012 a coach is willing to go the extra mile for his player. Coach Diesel has noticed that Rilynn Rae hasn't been performing up to par and he's confronted her on it. Rilynn breaks and admits her infatuation him and the flirting should have stopped right there. Rilynn feels up the coach's bulge and he loses all sense of responsibility the second she's on her knees and sucking on his black . Rilynn's , Carloine Pierce, momentarily breaks up the party and her anger turns into lust for the same thing her has been craving-enormous black cock. Rilynn and Caroline forgo the latex barrier and feel black meat excavating their throats. The gets turned up a notch when both and feel a black cock that's as big as the flag pole at Rilynn's school. Caroline Pierce bends and her cheers her on while her fuck box gets stuffed a black cock. Rilynn's turn sees her trying to outdo her 's reception of black cock. Rilynn Rae gets her mentor's big black cock while her locks lips the black who's his way her . The board of education would shit their pants if they knew interracial was taking place on school grounds. However, the rules were tossed out the window and both sluts are feeling the power of black cock. The tardy bell rings when the coach sprays both and an After school special helping of black gunk. I guess it's true; the family that enjoys black cock together, stays together.

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