Evi Rei and Jordy Love


Barely-legal Evi Rei and her “bestie”, Jordy , are freshmen. They , and they each what they're studying…except class: Spanish. Neither really cares about Spanish, but there's thing they do about the language: their Spanish tutor! His name is Alberto, and both think he's dreamy. He's all and handsome, and there's been many times both Evi and Jordy have wondered what he's packing in his pantalones! Today, their suspicions have been confirmed! Since they didn't bring their books to the study session, they brought their game, and it doesn't take for them to coax Alberto's , into their eager mouths! Like most millennial's, the girls are “bi”, so in addition to servicing Alberto, they service each other, too! Alberto bangs both girls silly until he unloads all over Jordy's face. What else can Jordy do but share his big Evi? And after it's all said and done, they didn't do too well their Spanish…but they're sluts!!

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