Jaye Summers


Jaye Summers and her are happy, happy ! It's Jaye's birthday, and wants to surprise her something she's never had before. “Jewelry? A ?!” asks Jaye, as she's sunning herself in the back yard on a spring day. “Come, let me you,” says, leading her into the while covering her eyes. Once , Bulls take ! Jaye can't be more excited! They're a “lifestyle” : Jaye as many hung Bulls as she feels like, while is either allowed to …or given all the details once she returns home. But Jaye's never had two Bulls at once, so for her 22nd birthday, she gets 2! These Bulls really have their way Jaye, pounding her silly as watches. is frustrated, too, because he's been caged. He'll beg to Jaye for the key, and today he's in luck. “Since you got me such a birthday gift, you're to unlock pee-pee and jerk it.” gets that and something more…clean up duties! Jaye Summers and : a , happy for the 21st century!

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