Lexi Kartel & Tara Star


Tara Star has raised her to be a girl…or so she thought. While running errands Tara Star gets the -of-all-phone-calls informing her that her , Lexi Kartel, has been seen a black guy in their . Faster than you can say “speeding ticket”, Tara races home to find her little angel in the act of locking her lips around a huge . Family turmoil eventually leads to both ladies a huge plate of big black cock. How so? Lexi threatens to blackmail and she reconsiders her feelings towards the black race. We get treated to and sharing more than just memories: they're now fighting who gets to stuff Rico's big black cock their throat. Lexi and Tara take turns sucking on a cock that's easily five times bigger than the one that initially brought Lexi into this world. Tara Star and Lexi Kartel that black bull and you can tell that Tara Star's thanking her stars that her has introduced her to . Rico pounds both sluts and the thought that this is completely doesn't register either girl. In fact, Lexi plays her while , Tara Star gets and vice versa. It appears as if Rico has taken the title of “ of the House” after completely covering Lexi's thug nutmeg. Tara Star's next errand's going to be taking her to the OB/GYN.

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