Lily LaBeau


I remember when I was in and we'd study about African's being enslaved to folks. I was sad and vowed to do my part to make it right. Fast forward a few years and I'm going to offer my sucking talent for a gang of . My parents think I went to my 's house for a slumber party but I'm really in “The Hood”. I was able to sneak out my sexiest outfit in order to guarantee that no would be soft. I went the row of bulls before they disrobed me; after that it was to get it on! I slurped on all the big shoved into my . I was , spitting, and choking as if they were the last I'd get to play with. When I wasn't sucking I'd be jerking him off while my tits and were being played with. My mascara was starting to run as well as my lipstick (which was now painted on each and every in the ). I begged and pleaded with them to not hold back when they took turns shooting their gunk on my . It felt like I was in a shower that was only spitting out goo and soon they all had empty . I can only hope to come back and alleviate even more of their pain.

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