Maggie Green


Meet Maggie Green. She's the manager of a chain of adult bookstores, and she's been called in to particular store in her area for an inspection. There's rumors of inappropriate behavior taking place in the “ arcade” section of the store, and they're so rampant, the health department's been called in. The issue? Gloryholes. “Cruisy behavior”. After a brief meeting of the store's employees, Maggie heads back to the arcade to get a better look. And what she finds truly amazes her. It's not the graffiti in the hole…or the hole itself. When 10″ of meat pops through, well…even after of managing adult bookstores, she's never seen a penis so . And in a momentary lapse of judgement, Maggie's weakness for exciting, “N.S.A.” overwhelms her. You know what happens next: sucking and and a shot so large, Maggie's willing can't contain it all. She as much as she can, and then it's for the “walk of shame” back to her store manager, who asks simple question… that's going to prove difficult for Maggie to answer: “well, how did the inspection go?”

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