Phyllisha Anne & Haley Sweet


Haley Sweet has just experienced something all children fear: Walking in on their parents doing something filthy. Haley's mom, Phyllisha Anne, is on her and Haley's caught mom her hand in the black cookie jar. Phyllisha has such a stranglehold on her that she forbids her black men-even though mom it. This potential feud turns into a threesome Shane's big, as mediator. Haley sucks on the same massive that was just earlier her mom's skull. Phyllisha has already broken the sacred bond of marriage. What would it matter if her and the apple of her eye shared Shane's gigantic salami? Phyllisha even spouts off a few “N bombs” at the start of the festivities. Both generations of sluts take turns riding the black rollercoaster that is Shane Diesel. Face down, up apparently runs in the as both ladies get slammed by Shane while the patriarch of the is out slaving away at horrible job. Haley keeps her oozing snatch while her mom gets stuffed full of black sausage. Haley-always one to try to be the alpha female in the house-climbs on Shane's enormous while her mom gets a much needed timeout. It looks as if her mom is in the giving mood, which means she's allowing Haley the benefit of getting a face full of black sauce. Phyllisha's will know something's up when both ladies smile at one another at the dinner table.

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