Sarah Vandella


The congregation of pissed off men has come to order. It has come to our attention that the man has yet to right the wrongs that he's bestowed upon my brothers and sisters. Thankfully, out of all devils there's that is willing to make amends for our pain and suffering. The top heavy, Sarah Vandella, has offered up her to house a lineup of . We took turns skull this girl until the contents of her stomach nearly shot out her . Sarah dressed in clothing that wouldn't be allowed in our local Baptist Church but it was for our Interracial . Those huge titties went up and the row of men until each big, was coated in her saliva. Each of us slammed the back of her until those eyes teared up like her , (after he sees these pictures.) The only thing left for the crew was to spew each drop of ghetto gravy. We blasted her face and tits until as she begged and pleaded for more. bitches can't get enough of .

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