Tara Holiday & Chastity Lynn


Tara Holiday is using whatever free time she has to indulge in some big . Tara Holiday has snuck Jack Napier into the house she shares with her husband and daughter, Chastity Lynn. Chastity gets a phone call that triggers her heart to beat rapidly and she's running home to see why there's a on her family's property. Tara Holiday is too busy sucking Jack Napier's monstrous to realize that her daughter is looking on. The baseball bat in Chastity's hands is now rubbing against her pussy instead of being slammed against the intruder's . Tara Holiday somehow convinces her daughter to participate in some good old fashioned sucking of big . Our story is only starting at this part and it isn't long before mother and daughter are feeling big between their pussy lips. Mom and daughter fight Jack Napier's enormous fuck stick and Tara Holiday's pussy gets a taste of what her husband could never, ever provide in a million . Chastity Lynn sucks her mother's juices off that big black before experiencing for herself the power of black dick. The mere sight of her mom acting like a excites Chastity to the point where she has that baseball bat slowly sliding in her pink pussy. Forget the fact that it was just a few ago that Chastity was getting baby-wiped by Tara Holiday. Forget the fact that Tara Holiday won't win Mother Of The Year anytime soon. All you need to know is that these two sluts got sucked, and drained Jack Napier's black torpedo until mom's pussy was filled with thug juice. Tara's husband, and Chastity's father is in for the shock of his life sometime around February of next year.

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