Bree Getz


The intention of Google wasn't for to find secluded places to act out their wildest fantasies. However, Bree Getz is a who knows what she wants even if that means going into the wrong side of town for . The walls completely turn off Bree and her nervous laughter makes it apparent. For reason the dirt and filth trigger something Bree to get and rub her like a magic lamp. her fat knockers bouncing we get to see all of Bree in all her glory. Her tits get massaged hand as the other turns her raw and ready for whatever pops through that hole. Bree gets exactly what she wanted in the form of 12 inches of lengthy, salami. Her hands try their best to wrap around the secret cock but it's girth is just too overwhelming. Bree sucks him down to the base as her nose nearly goes right through the glory hole. A much needed break for her jaw is needed so she uses his cock to slap her tits as if she's out to prove a point. Normally girls break their cock cherrys in a seedy motel or back seat of a . Bree takes perversion to a level by lifting her ass up so that her can get treated to a cock pummeling. It's a sight to see as Bree's tits rock back and forth while her acts like Venus fly trap for white . She claims herself to be a “” just moments after his balls detonate on her and tits. After the and looking at the photos it's to disagree her.

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