Emma Hix


Emma is addicted to watching IR porn. She went to couples therapy to address it her boyfriend and it was supposed to be their thing, but shes fallen off the wagon and backslid into solo me on the her phone, Dogfart and her giant vibrator. Her boyfriend catches her mid- and gives her an ultimatum. Its the last straw and its either him or the porn. He screams about how hes obviously not satisfying her sexually if all she does is big black cocks. He tells her she has until tonight to get her shit together or get out. Being the addict she is, she calls up Rob, who shes been on the side for awhile now, to help distract her the fight. She begs him to come and bring a . She sits them down on her boyfriends and casually tells them about the fight but more importantly, about how lately shes been into watching be spit roasted and she wants to try her while the other her . She begs them to her and fill her face just like the in the movies cum.

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