Michelle Malone


Michelle Malone , upon entering the glory hole, says she's going to do something “crazy”. If by crazy, she means slurp her first then she's hit the nail on the . Other terms she can use for her first meeting are “insane”, “lewd”, or even “mind boggling”. The fact of the matter ins Michelle's internet savvy and her search for leads her to this public restroom. The tagging on the walls, the dirt on the , and the hole in of the walls tells Michelle that she's probably bitten off more than she can chew. the only noises coming this stall are from Michelle as her goes through the motions of a black exploring every inch of her . Her heavy breathing has all the bait she needed when a big, comes through for her to devour. Simply kneeling at the wall and sucking on salami wouldn't be enough. Michelle, never to do things half , hangs half her of the bowl as she munches on pecker. After getting him ready for several minutes, Michelle's drenched black slit gets drilled by a cock that impales her . Michelle biting her lips to take in all he's got, her black box gets spread open as his balls slap against her sensitive . Michelle's open is the landing for gushing goo that overtake her taste buds.

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