Alex Blake


It's tough to find help these days, especially when it comes to babysitters. Take Alex Blake, for example. Not minutes after Mr. Slayher and his buddy, Mr. Piper, left to do their thing, Alex is snooping in Mr. Slayher's . You see, Alex has had a terrible crush on Mr. Slayher since she began working for him, and today she's taking it to another level. It starts sneaking in his , then eyeing his clean clothes on the ! Shirts and underwear! Alex takes a few whiffs of Mr. Slayher's underwear before putting on of his shirts! Which is about the Mr. Slayher returns to fetch his wallet! He left it in his , and he was shocked to see Alex in his clothes! Start discipline, add his buddy in the mix, and soon barely-legal Alex is getting stuffed -sized ! And did we mention Alex has NEVER been men before?! Add that her is so , she can barely accommodate both of them — and of course her , velvety-smooth makes both erupt giant cum shots all the 's ! What next? How about asking Alex if she can return to “babysit” next week??

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