Anissa Kate


Prince Yashua has a problem. He's got a plane ticket to Paris, France, to shoot smut…and he can't speak a word of French. Not even a simple phrase like “ ” or “what's name?”. Enter his old Anissa Kate! She's Parisian, and she'd to help Prince out. She's also , and it doesn't take for general phrases like “ evening” to turn into “I'd like to and suck tits”!!! And that's what goes ! Prince can take a hint right away, and in that amount of he's got his buried in Anissa's , warm snatch. Anissa can barely fit Prince's slab of meat in hour mouth, but it slides into her just fine! Her ? Well, that's another story. As Prince penetrates her puckered , Anissa winces in delight. Sure, it hurts…to the point she wants more. That's when Prince goes balls , stretching Anissa's to its maximum!! Oh, and of Anissa's phrases — “please cum on my titties” — takes place right after her has taken a substantial !!

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