Anny Aurora


Anny Aurora is a happily married woman, but as any married person will tell you, sometimes things grow a bit “stale”…for lack of a better word. So when a hunk of a walked into Anny's office to start working there, Anny just about lost her mind! It didn't take too for Anny to flirt, and you know where that leads! Right to Anny's marital , which hasn't seen much in a while. That is, until she pulled her buddy” into that ! Did we mention her buddy is a muscled an -sized ? Or that Anny's about to perform acts on him that she never performs on “the hubs”? Serious sucking. . . to . Anny never does these sort of acts the man she's married to, but her buddy is going to get it all! Oh, and guess what? Anny and are trying to have a , so the buddy better not her! Especially when Anny's ovulating!!

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