April Aniston


Whenever you swing by Prince Yashua's crib, it's always poppin'! Most of the Prince is entertaining girls who are there to party and get , but today he's a serious talk a dude calling himself Pressure. You see, Pressure wants “in the ”. Pressure wants to be Prince's protege, and this is something Prince doesn't take lightly. Prince doesn't around just any dude…but he sees things Pressure. Which is just about the barely-legal April Aniston, of the babes who just happens to being hanging out, skips into Prince's bedroom. “You wanna ?” That's all that needs to be said. In seconds, Prince is pulling a plug April's ripe while Pressure stuffs his oversized dong into her barely-legal, very-eager . All are open today, and the fellahs take turns banging April out to the point her won't up all the way! Barley-legal gapes go along barely-legal creampies (but is April on birth control?) and barely-legal facials! Looks like Pressure might be around a while!!

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