Bridgette B


I'm Bridgette B. and I demand that you watch as a me. You, however, get to sit back and watch as queen/mistress/goddess plays with a that easily dwarfs little . I want you to wear this male chastity device and better not hear any bitching or moaning you. In fact, I'm going to be moaning while I worship Lexington Steele's big . That huge piece of meat is gonna fuck my while you pray that I give you a sympathy blow….I won't. Grab little and jerk off while Lex treats my to every inch he carries between his legs. that big found my spot-you know, that place you could never, find- and Lex continued to cram my fuck box. Every thrust of his big brings me closer to an orgasm that you, nor , could ever bring me. Now, I demand that you clean the mess that big left on me. Get bib, faggot !

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