Casey Calvert


The awful economy's stranglehold knows no color barrier. Casey Calvert and her are applying for a loan at their local bank. Bad credit? Problem. Unemployed? Keith certainly is and banker Charlie Mac knows a loan risk when he sees . Keith's desperate, so he's about to go the route of a desperate : offer up his girlfriend, Casey Calvert,as incentive. Casey's initially hesitant and deeply mad that her would stoop so low. However, Casey knows that the comic book store has to be a for her dude. Casey loses her inhibition the minute she gets a look at what the banker is packing in his slacks. Keith looks on as the of his life proves her loyalty to him by sucking on a big . Casey's for big, begins to evolve as each inch of Charlie slides down her . Keith can just imagine his store while Casey bends and gets by Charlie's big slab of meat. The on Casey Calvert- much like the bank's vault- opens wide and gets put to the test. Casey, in between getting , mocks her 's and proceeds to get her plowed by Charlie Mac. The banker's signature comes in the form of a ton of all her cheeks. Keith, without missing a beat, cleans up the mess and there's a comic book store out that exists because of interracial .

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