Helly Mae Hellfire


Helly Mae Hellfire's sugar daddy has pockets and his is about to get him the thrill of his : Watching his beneficiary get by a huge black . Helly isn't too keen on fucking someone who's seen the of a jail cell more times than the of a library. We all know what prison can do to a man. However, Helly's to welcome black into her life as long as the keeps shelling out the cash. Helly slowly, but surely, warms up to the idea as she sucks on that convicts black . The / bag? He's in heaven as he watches how a man treats a like Helly. The beats his miniature meat as his gets her filled Charlie Mac's big slab of beef. That thug continues to humiliate the rich as he Helly into near submission. Hell's screams and moans are only interrupted when she reminds Mr. Pockets that he in no way, shape or form could compare to the big black currently taking up housing in her . The 's waters as he cleans up the jungle juice left on Helly's courtesy of Charlie's testicular T.N.T.

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