Larkin Love


I know you're watching and wanting to be me. I would be you if dating vermin and losers was an option for me. It's not. You're white, so that automatically means you lose and could never be my fuck toy. life has no meaning since that link in is of no use to a woman like me. I can find a purpose for you but only if you're willing to submit yourself to Goddess. Now, take out “impressive” -incher and I'm going to use my hands to bring you pain. Does it hurt? It certainly does. Go bring your male chastity device and put it on. Yeah, it's redundant since you can never get that dick . Finally, sit there and watch a man fuck this busty . Watch and take mental notes as I take this huge and slide it as far my throat as my gag reflex will allow; that's a good slave . the stems of my heels as a huge cock has its way my creamy, . Does it piss you off that a is making me happy? I know it does. That huge cock is punching my uterus like a boxing speed bag and you're helpless to watch. I'm gushing and climaxing at the thought of you crying your eyes out. Your final use for me is lying there and taking warm sauce on your back. You're a horrible but make a decent piece of human furniture.

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