Sienna Day


On the last day of their Invasion, our studs run into a problem: the Czech they've booked was robbed on the train Prague to Budapest. They're out of luck for today's shoot…or are they? As Jax and Prince are about to take in of Budapest's sights, they pass a , who appears to be fighting her . Sure enough, she is — and instantly recognizes our studs! Why? She “wanks” to ! Her name? Sienna Day! She calls England home, and yes…Sienna and her just got into a fight, resulting in her taking the flight out to London! The next thing you know, she's getting both her , fine stuffed by of the biggest she's experienced! Sienna's a , too…meaning all three are fair game! Even !! What a way for Jax and Prince to end their most-excellent Invasion!

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