Avi Love


Avi is in trouble. She's been on her , Dillon. Even though they've reconciled, Dillon is set to make sure this sort of behavior is never going to happen again. He swings by Avi's place to “kiss and make up”…in fact, Avi is getting ready for “make up ”. What she doesn't know is all of Dillon's homies are about to join in as well! Dillon pulls Avi into the front of her home, shut. Behind her sit all of Dillion's homies. That's when the tough questions begin: “Why did you cheat?” Admit you're a cheater!” What are you going to do to make sure it never happens again?!” And, finally…”what are you willing to do to keep ?!” It's a tough round of questions, and it cumulates Avi on the receiving end of a sound . But that's just where it begins! Soon, she's groped and fondled and pushed to her knees! She's going to suck Dillon and all the homies! Then, it's on to her , ! After the fellahs have away, they're going to run a train on her , puckered ! What next? Well, in order to keep her , Avi's going to all five loads…and she can't it all until the 5th dude nuts!! And what a ! It ain't easy getting all that nut her , but something tells me Avi loved the discipline!

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