Gina Gerson


As Prince and Jax's adventures march on, we find our studs at of the top modeling agencies in Budapest! They're there to book sluts, and office Gina Gerson has had them waiting far too for the . It doesn't take for Prince and Jax to grow frustrated…and Gina knows exactly how to handle frustrated men! At , it's a simple tease, but that's not going to really alleviate their stress! So Gina uses her , to put the gentlemen at ease. That's never enough though…is it? Our studs take turns on her next, before focusing their -sized dongs on her , Russian butthole. How does it even fit? And speaking of that, , in amazement, as Gina Gerson gets -stuffed by Prince and Jax! Not much left to do but dump their loads all her …which is about the The finally takes their meeting!

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