Gina Gerson


As Prince and Jax's adventures march on, we find our studs at of the top modeling agencies in Budapest! They're there to book , and office Gina Gerson has had them waiting far too for the . It doesn't take for Prince and Jax to grow frustrated…and Gina knows exactly how to handle frustrated ! At , it's a simple tease, but that's not going to really alleviate their stress! So Gina uses her , to put the gentlemen at ease. That's never enough though…is it? Our studs take turns on her next, before focusing their -sized dongs on her , Russian butthole. How does it even fit? And speaking of that, , in amazement, as Gina Gerson gets -stuffed by Prince and Jax! Not much left to do but dump their loads all her …which is about the The finally takes their meeting!

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